Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dollhouse Wallpaper

It's been a long time since I mentioned the "new" dollhouse.  Since it resides in my basement, I haven't done much with it over the winter-- cold down there.  Before winter set in, I papered several rooms.  Santa Claus also brought bathroom fixtures last Christmas.  Amazing how he knows just what you want.

This is the entry way (front door to the right).  I think these people need some knick knacks.

Bathroom that needs some pictures.  I bought a towel bar and TP holder but haven't put them up yet.

This is one of the bedrooms.  No furniture or curtains or anything else to show yet. Look closely, there are horses in the top border.  There sure are some cool wallpapers out there.  I bought these all online.

If it ever warms up, maybe I will have progress to share.  I think yesterday was way worse than any day all winter.  Unbelievable!

Think Spring!!


  1. This inspires me to drag the old dollhouse up from the depths and redecorate it. Or better yet, get it to our daughter so she can do the work. lol

    Spring is never coming to Wisconsin. :-(

  2. I had no idea that you could buy wallpaper for a dollhouse...oh I'm in love with the idea.


  3. If you hadn't mentioned this was a dollhouse, I would have thought it was a tour of an "actual" sized house, LOL! Too sweet! Cheers~

  4. So cute...especially the horses. Oh my gosh, you have such patience to wallpaper a dollhouse!!! Kudos...