Thursday, April 11, 2013

Living Room Dogs Part 2

Here we are with the second installment of the dog figurines in my living room.

A very cute pup recently acquired at a local thrift store for 25 cents if you can believe that.  He's small-- about two inches high.  Perfect condition too.

On the other hand, this fellow spends most of his time in a potted plant because his tail is broken.

 And on that same hand, this small planter has a few chips, but I still like it.

 Another tiny one, I'm not 100 percent sure it is a dog.  What do you think?  Wolf?

This cute puppy (Mastiff perhaps) also has issues.  He spent much of my childhood in a buffet drawer with a broken foot.  I remember my mom trying to glue it back on several times with no luck. Somewhere along the line, my mom or dad finally got it to stick, and it's held fast ever since.

Still have kitchen and bedroom dogs to go.  Will probably pick it up again on Saturday.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Hey!?!
    there was a part one of your dog collection?
    I must see this.
    these are cute little dogs. Some of them look like 'five and dime' dogs.
    You know... when I'm out browsing thrifts and flea is hard to tell now days, what is what...but there seems to be lots of 'five and dime' knick knacks...I sometimes wish I had my moms collection of turtles!
    going to see your previous dogs. :) Pat

  2. How fun! And the littlest one looks kinda like a bear. I have a few dogs too, and one is a black Scottie with a foot that's been broken off for about 50 years. It was my brother's, I think.

  3. Really love all your dogs. Will be a treasure for your daughter some day!!