Monday, April 22, 2013

Holy Toys, Batman!

To continue the Batman collection, here are a few more goodies from my kitchen shelf.

Pez dispensers.  The one on the left is newer, a tie-in to the new Batman movies. The one on the right I picked up cheap at a garage sale just a few years ago.  The differences are quite interesting.

Two Batmobiles.  The one on the left is a Hot Wheels and is, again, newer.  The one on the right is from the vintage Batman era.  It's a Corgi, made in Britain. It belonged to my husband.  His mother just came across it recently and gave it back to him. Kind of hard to see, but that car actually has a tiny Batman figure in the driver's seat.

My old Batman card game.  We played this a lot hence the cards are far from mint. Get the price?  23 cents and in a plastic box besides.  Whatever happened to that world???

Here are some of the cards from the game.  The play is similar to Old Maid, however in this game the winner is the one left holding the single card of Batman and Robin.

Can't get enough of Batman?  More to come later in the week!

Happy Earth Day!  I think Batman would be pro-green, don't you?


  1. Your Batman cards are really neat - and in the plastic case, no less!!

  2. Great collection of Batman-abilia.

    When I was really young, I remember my neighbor mentioning a dead Robin on the road...I pictured the character Robin...and was so surprised when I couldn't find him anywhere.


  3. I love it all! The artwork on the cards is beautiful and it's awesome that it's all in such good condition :D

  4. Sounds as if you have lots of collections about your house too. Love seeing your Batman goodies!