Friday, April 26, 2013

Holy Batwear, Batman!

I think a lot of collectors don't always realize how much of a collection they have until they stop and think.  Case in point: I didn't remember I have three Batman T-shirts until I went through my shirt drawer (which is not that big so the Batman ratio is pretty high).

Plus one baseball cap.

Yes, I wear all of them.  Yes, I'm probably too old to wear them.  No, I don't care.

Happy casual Friday-- go put on a T-shirt!


  1. I think one is never too old to wear a Batman T-shirt...especially if you have a hat to match!

    I bet you don't just wear it for Halloween either. Love the one with Robin on the front. So okay... when you were a kid watching the old T.V. Batman and Robin...didn't you just think "Dick Grayson" was cute?! (...or was that just me?)
    thanks for visiting me at MRL. That WAS FUN!

    ~ casual everyday, Pat

  2. Ha ha... too old to wear batman... I guess that makes me too old to wear Winnie the Pooh, specifically, Eyore my favourite! Have a great day! Cheers~