Friday, April 19, 2013

Bedroom Dogs

I finally made it to the last room of my dog figurines series: the bedroom.  I don't have many dogs in there.  Maybe since there is no knick knack type shelf.  I also like the dogs in the more "public" rooms of my house.  At any rate, here are the bedroom dogs.

Two old metal Dachshunds.  These belonged to my grandmother.  Rather chipped up but still cute.

A metal terrier.

A wooden Boxer; this too was my grandmother's.

This nosy guy sits on a small shelf I bought at a craft fair years ago.

Well, that's it until I decide to swap some of these with the ones in storage.  Who knows when that day will arrive.

Yea-- it's Friday!


  1. Soooooo, do you like dogs? [laughing]

    You have a collection that is so cute.


  2. I couldn't pick a favorite; they're all special! Lucky you to have such a sweet collection!

  3. Love the nosey guy...I have one like