Tuesday, April 30, 2013

TT/Letter Q

Okay, a little slack this week please at Tag Tuesday.  I think a lot of taggers will be scrambling to find a suitable subject for the letter "Q."  So Queen Elizabeth is not a movie star, but she has been a subject of countless documentaries, etc.  She probably has been in front of more cameras than most Hollywood stars.

The photos and article are from an older Architectual Digest magazine.  Not a bad little backyard playhouse, eh?  Did you have a playhouse?  When I was a kid my next-door neighbors did.  Very simple design, but what fun for kids!

Have a fun day!


  1. Cute tag...I agree, probably most notably one of the most photographed women in the world.
    My neighbors had a backyard playhouse too.(with a very simple design) I've often thought of replicating it here on my property for my Littles...they'd love it.


  2. Very nice tag.....!!

  3. Our playhouse was an old chicken house and it was perfect. It was a lean-to affair with a door on one end and a window in the middle of the long side. Inside there was a half-wall that made a perfect "stage" to use hand puppets (dolls!). I'd sit behind the wall and make my dolls dance and sing for an audience of one (my brother). He's a year younger, much faster and decidedly smarter so he was good at avoiding being a fan.