Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wacky Answer

Yesterday's (4-10-13) Wacky was pretty recognizable, yes?  Scott tissue.  Boy, has their packaging changed since 1974.  Does anyone remember the single rolls sold in that yellow paper?  Not sure if I do or not!


  1. I DO remember the single rolls ...they came in white, yellow, pink and blue!
    Not sure why they quit that...probably, because people got nuts about 'natural' vs. dyed...the"C" word or something. Who knows.
    Now...we just have white,right?
    I don't see any colors anymore...not on TP.
    However, you can get a paper dinner napkin in any color, with matching plastic forks!
    ...something to think about,Pat

  2. That is beautiful! And I like the photo booth effect too. Very nice. :-)