Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mini Pillows

So what do you do with a vintage hanky that didn't sell on Etsy?  I had it on my "put it downstairs" area of a kitchen counter to go in a donation bag.  Naturally it sat there for a couple of days.  Passing it one day,  I had an idea.

Make dollhouse pillows.
Not bad!  Have a clever, little day out there!


  1. How clever indeed! Love the hankies to start but those little pillows or, as they used to say, sachets are so cute! Do people still use scented sachets for their "dainties" drawer? (Quoting my great aunt)

  2. What a cute idea for upcycling! And sachets would be a great idea, too!

  3. Those are so pretty Diane, great idea!

  4. You really have such great ideas!!