Sunday, April 7, 2013

Dining Room Dogs Part 2

Apologies to anyone who couldn't sleep last night in wonder of what dog figurines I would be showing today (ahem).  Anyway, here are the rest of the hounds in the dining room.

Very nice, large Borzoi (of course when this was made, it would have been called a Russian Wolfhound).

Another Borzoi

Two for the price of one-- I always thought these looked liked Scotties, but gray? Schnauzers, maybe?

Cute, stylized pup and a Boston Terrier

Recent Etsy purchase on the left.  Thought this "vase" was cute, and the price was right.  The little circus dog was part of the original "Mom collection."

Back of the above vase

There you have it.  We'll move on to the living room tomorrow-- lots of teeny ones in there.

Enjoy your day!


  1. That would be me, holding my hand up and waving! I mean, dogs and vintage---perfect combination for me. Wow, that is some vase. And my little bingo dog was about the size of the stylized one, but it was a blood hound! Speaking of that kind of dog, a neighbor has two of them and, early this morning, they were baying at something, probably coyotes, and I could hear those big bass voices in the house! Hilarious dogs those two. Usually one chases on the fence line,lopping along, big ears flapping, and the other sits and yells! Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. Love them all Diane, especially the Russian wolfhounds (yep, that's what I call them too!) I'll be awake all night in anticipation of your living room pups!

  3. Love the dogs! When we were in Arizona, we went to a Scottish Highland Games festival and we saw white scotties. My friends have 2 black scotties and they were an absolute blast to be around. But I had never seen white ones before. Also got to see Sean Connery...I was close enough to pinch his cute cheeks!! Boy is he handsome!!

  4. The little vase is adorable and I call them Russian Wolfhounds too!

    still going backward on the dog trail!
    Your email will be full of my crazy comments now. :) Pat