Monday, April 15, 2013

Flower Break

Like many of you out there, we have had a rather crummy Spring thus far.  Very cool temps.  And the general rule is no annual plantings before Mothers Day so I don't have many flower pictures to share yet.  However, I thought even a few might be a nice break.

Not sure if these are daffodils or jonquils; they were already here when we moved in.

Scilla does very well; it was already here too.  A few even come up in our back lawn.

Tons of resurrection lily leaves.  They seem to multiply every year.  Yes, they were here too.  Noticing a theme like I don't garden much???  Need to change that!

How are your flowers today?


  1. Oh my, no plantings before Mother's Day... I only wish... the recent snow pics on my blog were taken just the other night... no planting for us until waaaaay after Mother's Day! LOL! So lovely to have had "planting that were already there", certainly takes a lot of the work out of gardening! Beautiful! Cheers~

  2. The colorful flowers are a nice break after the winter. The problem is they come up first and you are stuck with mud and dirt as a background. Nice pictures.

  3. Oh lucky you, you have some flowers already! Our daffs were thinking about opening up until it snowed this weekend!! Thanks for the pictures, gives me hope!

  4. Beautiful flowers.....we have not seen any dafodils yet. I think we bloom a bit later than you. But we are seeing lots of green and that is wonderful!!

  5. We can't grow many types of bulb flowers here unless we just plant them in pots and treat them as disposable after they bloom. Knowing they'll come back in the right environment, I have trouble with the disposable part. Lovely to see them in your yard!