Saturday, April 27, 2013

Holy Books, Batman!

Yes, more Batman stuff!  On to books today.  First up, is a must have for any Batman fan by none other than Adam West himself.  It was published in 1994.  I bought this copy probably 12 or so years ago from Adam West's website (the price has gone up since then!).

It is autographed.

This coloring book set me back all of 25 cents at a thrift store a couple years ago. It's unused.  There's no copyright, but by looking at the original price, it must go way back.

This is the definitive Batman book as far as I know.  Batman Collected by Chip Kidd, published in 1996.  I bought it on a whim eleven years ago-- new but on sale, and am so glad I did.  It is jammed with all things Batman.  Very interesting.

There was a Batman serial released in the 1940s believe it or not.

Cereal promos

The author, his brother, and his mother in Halloween costumes made by his mother. How neat!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Great collection and memorabilia,Batman!
    You've got quite the little set up here.
    I vaguely remember the cereal boxes, and that sewing pattern is so wonderful too.
    A true collector with 2 signatures from the series under you 'bat-belt'! I'm impressed.

    thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  2. When I was little, Batman was a show that I never wanted to miss! My friend and I loved it so much that we would act out that week's episode. She was Robin and I was Batman!

  3. You do have a great collection! I love autographs too, but only have a few, most of them author signatures.