Thursday, April 25, 2013

Neither Snow Nor Rain

The current challenge at Collage Obsession is "Mail Art."  I knew I had a couple of vintage postage stamps with a mail theme so I unearthed this one and made an ATC.

Mail sure has changed, hasn't it? With the passing of a few of my older relatives, I rarely send or receive a letter nowadays. Makes the trip to the mailbox a big bore.

Here's to the good ol' days of the handwritten letter!


  1. Sadly, what you say is true...but it doesn't reflect on your upbeat mail art!! Nice!!

  2. When I see these blue mail boxes in movies, I always think they look like litter bins, and I would worry about putting my mail into one, just in case it WAS a rubbish bin. It's a very pretty piece of Mail Art/ATC.

  3. a lovely composition! and I still send out LOTS of cards and notes! many times for no reason....

  4. Here, here friend.
    You are the second person recently who I've agreed with about snail mail... It ain't what it used to be. I'm with you I used to love getting mail. AND! I am just like Cathy @ma vie trouvee...I used to send out tons of cards and letters.

    Maybe that's why I don't get any. LOL...
    I love this little Collage!


    Love the old stamp & ribbon you added, too

  6. Your atc is perfect! And you are so right about the mail. Going to the mailbox was once so fun, now it is rather boring. The only challenge I see from most of the mail I get is how to recycle it. I'm always writing notes and sending cards, so I'm trying to keep up my little bit of mail process. Thanks a bunch, too, for stopping by when I wasn't feeling well.