Saturday, May 28, 2016

ICAD Warm-Ups

I guess I'm committing to ICAD again this year. Making something, anything on a humble index card does have its appeal. There are 10 warm-up exercises. I tried my hand at three.

Write your name in "doodly" letters

Make a collage using junk mail

Imperfect circles (I like that adjective)

Thanks for viewing. I hope you have a nice holiday weekend!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Some Blooms

I'm just popping in with a few pretty flowers and a "hello." Can we believe May is winding down already? Time really does fly! June brings the annual ICAD challenge (here is the official info). I'm not certain if I will participate this year, but if I do, I will post my cards here as usual.

Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Good Estate Sale

I hit a good estate sale last week. The house was small but jammed packed. This is the most I have bought at one sale in a long time. From the far left, around clockwise: two small, made in Brazil, spice canisters. A cute and mod cat ornament made in Hong Kong. A 1949 dress pattern; this is the oldest pattern I've ever found. A very cute children's book. A complete U.S. map puzzle with a copyright of 1915. Two Xmas aprons and a cute, musical themed hanky.

A very hard to find Nuway spice rack from the 30s (I think). A Little Golden Book dictionary. 1970s laundry hooks-- those are really handy. Four, believe it or not, boxes of flash cards, and an old, unused ledger book.

A few school workbooks, unused from the 60s, and two very old magazines. The Woman's Day is from 1940 and the BH & G is from 1952. Can you see the price on the Woman's Day? Two cents!!

Let's look inside those magazines...

Times sure have changed, haven't they? Thanks for reading... See ya!