Saturday, May 28, 2016

ICAD Warm-Ups

I guess I'm committing to ICAD again this year. Making something, anything on a humble index card does have its appeal. There are 10 warm-up exercises. I tried my hand at three.

Write your name in "doodly" letters

Make a collage using junk mail

Imperfect circles (I like that adjective)

Thanks for viewing. I hope you have a nice holiday weekend!


  1. Great cards. I love the different themes.

  2. Love your ICAD practice... I haven't done any practices! We're very low key today... maybe I will do some! love the junk mail!
    ... and great job on the doodly letters! :)
    looking forward to seeing your ICADS

  3. I like the last one..ENjoy your weekend..Hot!

  4. I like 'my' name in doodly letters! What fun! Enjoy your evening sweet friend. Hugs, Diane

  5. Wonderful warm ups, have fun! Deb xo