Monday, April 8, 2013

Living Room Dogs Part 1

As promised, here are the dog figurines that occupy my living room.  These are little guys because they inhabit a printer's tray (drawer) that I have on a wall as a kick knack shelf.  The compartments are awfully small.  Notice the penny in the photos.

This black Great Dane is not as old as the others in the collection.  A cousin gave it to me about 20 years ago.  It is metal.

 A wooden Cairn Terrier.

This one was my grandmother's and made of metal, possibly lead.  Must be pretty old.

When I was a kid, I always thought this one looked more like a cat, but I think it is a pup.

This one is marked "Germany" on the bottom.

Again, I divided the group into two posts.  I'll pick this up on Thursday, after Tag Tuesday and Wacky Pack Wednesday.  Oh, the responsibilities of blogging!

Make it a good Monday!


  1. Holy smokes, they are so tiny! Love the one that was your Grandmothers and the little Cairn terrier is so cute!

  2. Love the dogs, of course! I think I have the same pup one in my printers tray!

  3. oh I love the miniture dogs...
    The typesetters tray is a good place for those.
    You should show the whole thing!
    ...just finding out there were dining dogs. What is up with that, do I only visit on TT? and Wacky Pack day?