Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday's Muster #45

I'll be showing Christmasy collections this month. Up first is bottle brush trees. This doesn't look like much compared to some collections out there, but it's enough for me. Some of these I bought new and some I bought in antique stores before they became hip again and were still pretty cheap.

White ones are a nice contrast.

These are the "antique" ones.

Short and sweet today. Have you started decorating for the holidays yet?


  1. What sweet little trees (and deer). I usually put a couple of those near our Nativity set on top of the piano. The Nativity is the only thing I've put up so far. I'm hoping to get our tree for the front porch this week. It will have only lights on it. Have fun with the decorating!

  2. Cute!! They look like bottle washers..I did the outside over the weekend..I'll get to the inside sometime..Nobody sees it..

  3. Nice little collection, Diane!! Can't wait to see all your collections!!!

    I have a few of Mom's - I have them in place already!

  4. They're cute...I bought my first at WM last year after Christmas for the doll house. ;)
    The only one I own...however, there are great tutorials on making them on You tube!

    being out of town... I've missed reading here, I need to catch up and you'll probably get lots of comments from me! LOL...

  5. Gah I'm a sucker for tiny things, love those. My roomie but up a gorgeous tree, and I want to make some other decorations. The little trees give me diorama ideas...

    1. I'm a sucker for tiny things too. Guess that's why I like dollhouses. Thanks for the comment!

  6. I love these little trees...and as happens often...I changed my banner tonight to...YES...little trees! heehee! Great minds and all that! Hugs!

  7. are we SURE we're not related??!?!? b/c seriously... we love ALL the same things!!! (& think about it, has anyone ever seen us both TOGETHER?! i don't think so, lol!) those white bottle brush trees are TO DIE FOR. (they'are ALL cool; but the white ones... hubba hubba!) <3

  8. Love bottle brush trees, I have some Tim Holtz ones but no vintage finds. No decorating here yet but it will be starting soon, I just have to clean the house first LOL!