Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Small Business Saturday Estate Sale

Saturday was "Small Business Saturday" which I didn't remember until I saw it mentioned online somewhere later that day. I did hit an estate sale Saturday. I'd say that counts. Here is the haul. Metal number labels-- wonder what they were for originally? A lucite mushroom napkin/letter holder that is actually dated 1969. Two cute watering can bud vases; both were made in Japan.

How about a McCoy icicle pot? Aren't they cool? I saw one in a magazine years ago but have never seen one in person until now. Very nice for this time of year. Another planter-- this one is marked Marvan on the bottom. That name is new to me.

Several books. That hippo cook book is a riot with funky cartoons from 1969.

Old, wooden, stacking clowns called "Bill Ding--" Get it? These are pretty collectible although this set has definitely seen better days.

A bunch of Christmas die-cut decorations.  There was a huge box of these unused. I probably should have bought more, but I was getting tired of going through the box!

Here's a better look at the large wild flower book.  It has 400 plates of flower illustrations, and it weighs a ton.

Here are a couple pages from the above book.

Pretty good for this time of year. This might have to hold me for a good, long while. Sales are getting fewer and fewer.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I think I remember Bill Dings...Love the icicle pot..very cool..I guess there aren't many sales during the winter..

  2. I love the books! Makes me think about going over to the old thrift store later! I need a 'fix'! Hugs!

  3. You were lucky, Diane - I like the napkin holder, that's pretty mod!!!

  4. oh wow, as usual i'm drooling over your finds, especially at this time of year! LOVE those metal number plates; i wonder what they were for? sorting... SOMETHING... i guess; lockers? apt bldg mail? ok, obviously i have NO IDEA but whatever they were, they are still AWESOME! :)