Thursday, December 18, 2014

Dec Daily 12-16

Showing the latest in my December Daily album today. I usually make the same holiday cookies and bread every year but I went through my recipe box anyway. You never know what might sound good.

I usually don't keep candy in the house (with the exception of Halloween), but my husband bought a bag of Hershey's Miniatures recently, and I decided it was time to set them out.  Aren't the labels cute? Those are the actual labels too, not scanned. Yes, I had to eat the chocolate so I could use the labels. What a sacrifice!

The man of the house set up our tree on the 14th, and it took my daughter and I three more days to get all the ornaments on (that will be another page)!

Finished the couple sewing projects I had going. See-- I did get those ornaments finished. The only tree skirt I have is crocheted in maroon, dark green, and tan, which is nice, but it was made for a green tree, and looks kinda "meh" under a white tree. I made this blue one out of an old flannel sheet.

Lucky me, I have to come up with Christmas and birthday presents for my husband all at the same time.
Thanks for viewing!


  1. I always loved those miniatures! My husband keeps candy handy...all the time! Enjoy your day! Hugs!

  2. I really like that blue skirt - no, I LOVE it!

  3. We really appreciate the sacrifice! That's a cute tree skirt! Glad you got the tree decorated.

  4. Happy belated birthday to your hubby Diane!