Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nonfiction Thrifting

I went to two thrift stores this week and walked out with only books. Strange. I also forgot to take group photos when I was shooting them to list for sale so you get the "for sale" shots today.

My parents had a set of these books when they were new-- when I was a kid. I think they're still at my dad's today.

This is a fun, 1960s, craft book for kids. Lots of funky illustrations inside.

Another Teddy Bear book. That makes three I've found in the last couple of years, and they all have been different.

When I read "The Frontier States" on the spine of this book, I thought: Kansas, Arizona, California?? No, it's about Alaska and Hawaii.

This book goes back to the 50s. I didn't read any of it, but I bet it's full of amusingly outdated information.

This book, unfortunately, is very beat up. It is a former library book which would explain its rough life. I bought for the nice illustrations. See the last photo.

Have an informative day out there!


  1. At least you got something and it was worthwhile to get that cute Christmas book!!!

  2. I guess that one book should have been called "The New Frontier States"...That was funny..