Sunday, December 14, 2014

December Daily 7-11

Here we are at lucky pages 7 through 11. Almost halfway through this album already. So far, I haven't scrambled to find a subject for each day-- let's hope that continues.

I used this paper to wrap a couple of gifts and really liked the design so why not document that? You know how cool old wrapping paper is-- well, some decade this will be old too!

Got all the window and outdoor decor done.  Hurray!

I arranged my Putz houses, little wooden villages, and bottle brush trees.

Yes, we've been watching some holiday favorites.

Suddenly dawned on me I better get those out-of-state presents off in the mail.

How are your holiday plans coming along??  Thanks for reading.


  1. I love your pretty cards....and holiday movies! I need to listen to Christmas music today and sew! Holiday hugs, Diane

  2. Oh, I love them all, Diane, but I think #8 is my favorite! What a beauty! Our Christmas plans are rushing right up, with the family being here on the 17th.

  3. I don't have extravagant plans for the holidays. My sister and her husband who live down the street for coming for Christmas Eve dinner. I'm going up to my stepdaughters the weekend before for the day. That's it pretty papers

  4. Love it!!! You're keeping up real well, Diane!!!

  5. I like all of them too!
    We've not got big plans... I don't have a tree up, but toy with the idea every single day. I have a pre lit tree that I've only used a few times-- I've thought about just putting it up with lights only!
    I think it would lift my spirits... :)
    I have jury duty tomorrow.
    I like your movie selections. We've watched a couple-- I'm waiting to see A Christmas Carol-- It doesn't matter what version (don't care for the animated version) ...but the old black and white would suit me fine.
    UPS delivered today! I was surprised. It was for my daughter next door-- she told me to look out for them... and sure enough, they showed up with a package!

    Have a nice week!
    keep those cards coming, I like see them.

  6. ok, i have to contradict your previous comment that my postal page is cooler than yours... b/c *YOU* have mr. zip!!!!!!! how could ANYTHING be more awesome? that's just crazy talk! :) (OK, seriously i loooooooooooove every single one of these, i wish i could come over for coffee on jan 1st and see THE WHOLE book in person!!! (but if i did, you should probably hide a lot of your vintage paper bits... or distract me with sweets, lol... that usually works!) :)

  7. You are so organized it's scary! Looking great Diane