Sunday, December 7, 2014

December Daily 1-6

I have been keeping up with my December Daily pages-- how long that will last I have no idea. Here are days "one through six". The red and white numbers I printed off the internet somewhere a couple years ago and never did anything with them. I finally found a good use.

I buy an advent calendar every year for my daughter. To be honest, I'd buy one for myself even if I didn't have a kid-- I think they're neat!

Got my Christmas cards addressed and signed-- not mailed as of yet however.

I really did buy six flannel shirts for the men on my gift list this year. Found a good deal, and everyone seems to like them.

I made three cross stitch pieces to be made into ornaments this year. I finally finished the stitching, now need to complete them.  And, as I was making this page, I was wondering how many people would think: well, instead of scrapbooking a page about needing to finish a project, she could have been finishing the project! I would agree with you, but I tea stained them and had to let them dry-- so there!

I bought some old Christmas seals recently so even though this is late in the "Etsy listing" season for Christmas, I decided to hurry up and make a few things for the shop.

Lastly, a colorful page about putting out my grandmother's Christmas candles which I do faithfully every year-- wouldn't be Christmas without them!

On to number 7!  Thanks for viewing.


  1. You really are in the Christmas spirit this year. I love the things you create and flannel shirts are the best. I think I need one! lol Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. I bow to the master, I am so impressed that you are doing this December Daily! Fabulous pages, it will be such fun to go through them in the future and see what you were up to each day. Keep going!!

  3. Delightful!
    I love the Christmas animation Characters on #2 ... you do great work, honestly. I don't know where you get your ideas?!

  4. Love every page!!!

    You're making it just easy enough to get it done!! I haven't SMASHed in days, I need to make time!!

  5. OH WOW! diane i ♥LOVE♥ every single one of these! so cool, so fun, so clever! can't possibly decide on a fave... altho... i confess the rudolph stamps one is awfully appealing... and the snowmen in flannel shirts... and... as i said, i can't possibly decide on a fave! ♥