Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday's Muster #46

Here is another collection that cannot compare to some out there, and was also started before Putz houses became hot collectibles-- I always seem to be ahead of my time (that's the only way I can afford these things!). And like I said last week, it's enough for me. Fits in one shoebox.

These are all the cardboard type. One is a newer repro-- pretty easy to spot due to its nice condition.

These two are rather large-- the bases are about 6" long.

These two are my faves. I bought them at an antique store some 18 or more years ago. They're in nice shape too.

Yep, this is the reproduction on the left. 

The red house in front is very small. And the red house in back has a major roofing problem.

These are plastic that I picked up at a thrift store a couple years ago for ten cents each. Not as cute as the cardboard ones, but they have nice detail. You can put a light in the backs of these too.

Hmm... Xmas is getting nearer!


  1. They are wonderful! I have one old one and one that was updated and given to me as a gift. They are as hard to find as pixies! I love your sweet houses! It's fun to get out our favs to enjoy! Holiday hugs, Diane

  2. I love that first photo - what an adorable display.

  3. Cute houses Diane..I had a few of those way back!!

  4. Sweet, Diane - I have a few of these too, they belonged to my parents. I had bought that same set as your bottom pic but I donated it back - I wonder why I did that!!!!

  5. They are so cute, I'd never heard of Putz houses until I started to see the 'DIY' kits that some folks sell on Etsy. They are very pretty, love all the sparkle. Great collection Diane!