Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A Few Xmas Thrifts

I had a wee bit of luck at the thrifts last week for vintage Christmas. A set of four linen napkins and four placemats.

Five small English plates. Very pretty scene. These are small, about 4" across-- what do you think? Butter pats? Bread plates?

A cute, made in Japan, planter. 

And one non-Christmas item, a 1978 sewing book.

In the back are some color photos of sewing projects. Thought I share this bedroom scene. Dig the light bulb light and record player?

Have a nice day!


  1. Maybe they are afternoon tea plates for cookies?

  2. Love the plates..Snacks?? Sandwiches? Cute

  3. I love holiday linens! What fun finds! Holiday hugs, Diane

  4. Great finds Diane! Lovely linens and I guess by the size the plates would be for butter pats? Cute planter and the sewing book is groovy man!

  5. oh ♥SWOON♥! you are having AMAZING luck at this time of year! i haven't even seen many holiday "bazaar" type events around, but in fairness i haven't looked very hard.

  6. I bought a set of those miniature plates, well, mine are about 4 inches across, I researched them and it seemed like they were coasters. Mine aren't Christmas scenes though.