Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Dec Daily 17-21

We certainly are getting down to the wire with this album (good!). Here are the latest pages:

I shot some of the ornaments on my tree. Not that these are my favorites or anything; these shots just turned out well. The top, glass ornament is quite old. It belonged to my grandparents.

My crowded tree. My daughter has now accumulated a lot of ornaments in addition to mine. I think she needs her own tree! The Pinocchio ornament was my very first one-- I have showed it here before.

I don't know what it was this year, but it seemed like it took forever to wrap presents! Maybe I'm just getting old!

Yea! No more school bus until 2015.

This has had to be one of the most sunless Decembers on record around here. Getting rather monotonous! Update: I read a news story this morning that stated this December is on track for the most sunless in Chicago's history; of course as I write this, the sun is peeking out-- FINALLY!!

Well, the last installment will obviously be after the big day. Hope I survive!

Have a nice day!


  1. Very nice! And you'll survive....if not....pack your shorts and come on down! Hugs!!!

  2. You're not too old, too many presents! We haven't had any Sunshineeither and it is getting rather boring. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas sunshine or not!

  3. Your commitment to this daily is amazing Diane! What a wonderful remembrance it will be of this Christmas! Hope yours was very merry.