Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mail Art Envelopes

Ever hear of mail art? I have read about it on several blogs but have never tried to make a mail art piece before. I came across examples online recently of mail art envelopes made from magazine pages. So here are a couple pages I started with.

Here are a couple after I painted them with acrylic paint.

And here is the first batch of finished envelopes with added embellishments.

The back side of the pages I left as is which I think is kind of neat. Here you can see what the backs and inside flaps look like. Just for the record, my daughter really enjoyed making some too. I thought this would be a great art project for schools.

Usually these are made to mail to (or swap with) other artists. I'll just be sending these to friends and family (or myself!). You must admit they are colorful!  Would be pretty fun to receive one in your mailbox.



  1. WOW - those are beautiful, Diane - everything you make is so sweet!! And, your daughter sounds just as crafty! Good for you!!

  2. Oh beautiful! I must try that as I love doing crafts. On envelops is unique.

    Thanks for the info. Beautifully done.

  3. I see you have the deco to the licking part of the envelope on bottom show and tell here diagram. . Do they stick down to mail still . That is what I was wondering?

    Do you have the site as how to do them?

  4. Hey!
    I did this about 4 1/2 yrs ago for my daughter's baby shower!
    I picked up a couple of baby magazines at the dr office when I went to a visit with her-- they had lots of 'baby' related pages. I made my envelopes and then used printer labels for the addresses... they were a huge hit!
    Everyone that brought their envelope back...had their name in a drawing for a prize. I can't remember the prize...but anyway, she got most of them back and they are in a scrap book now!
    So unique and different!
    I saw some of these you made in your shop... they're great!

  5. I bought advent calendars for the grandchildren several times and forgot to give them to them..Oh well..Yes, they're fun.. (previous post)..Love your envelopes..I should have those for my cards...they're great!!