Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday's Muster #43

This week's collection is a little ironic because I'm showing books about collections. I really don't have many considering how many are out there.

These two are small and sweet. From the old Mary Engelbreit magazine. Very nice photography.

I wish the authors of these books would create more-- after all, there are many more subjects to cover: horses, cats, flowers, furniture, just to name a few. In addition to fun finds, they also show clever displays.

Naturally I have a few about my favorite era. The hippie one in the center really hits the nail on the head with authentic hippie artifacts (hence the title).

How fun are these? The kitchen book has ton of products and old ads. The cereal book also covers a lot of ground.

I had to shoot this picture since Crispy Critters was my favorite as a child.  Wish they still made it.

These are very fun. The book on the left I bought at thrift store a few years ago for a dollar if I remember rightly.

The books below aren't so much about collecting as how culture was reflected in the stories and illustrations. They are packed with pictures however, and are interesting to read.

A robot grabbing Nancy (lower right)?? I must have missed that episode.

A lot of pictures there, and I only skimmed the surface of what these books contain. Check out your library if these type of reference books spark your interest.

Have an interesting day!


  1. I like the dick and jane books. I learned to read using those.

  2. You have some great ones there, Diane - the 70's ones look so fun!! And, the Nancy Drew one - I think I need some of these!!!!

  3. These are so neat! Great reference books for vintage things...some I've forgotten about! Enjoy your afternoon! We're getting a much needed rain but it's still in the far! lol Hugs!

  4. That's quite a collection of books..Some look very interesting...Dick and Jane !! Now that takes me back..

  5. A collection of books about Collections... ONLY YOU!
    Makes a great Monday Muster if you ask me. :)
    Clocks look interesting...and I'm with you Hippie Era... all the way!
    have a great evening.

  6. Well there's an original collection Diane! Great books, thanks for the sneak peeks inside.