Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday's Muster #44

Since Thanksgiving is on the horizon, I'm showing the Gurley Thanksgiving candles I have on display in my dining room.  The two turkeys below belonged to my aunt. She always brings me "stuff" when visiting and gave them to me about five years ago. She said she they been hers for years.

The tall Indian girl was an Ebay purchase about three years ago. I lucked in to a great price for some unknown reason.  The two smaller Indians were part of my grandmother's collection. I leave them out all year.

The tall Pilgrim girls were bought with the tall Indian pictured above.  The small Pilgrims were my grandmother's, and why they are so faded I have no idea. Came to me like that.

This box housed the three candles below when I bought it at a thrift store; I like it as much as the candles. Notice it was for "4 small Puritan girls" originally.

How about a holiday cross over? Kind of an odd Valentine. I keep it with the Thanksgiving decor.

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  1. it's kind of puzzling to me that we are not related in some way... we like ALL the same things, missus!!! :) :) :) totally having vintage stuff lust over here! my mom (who always brings ME stuff, too, lol) used to have some of those pilgrim girls, i remember them being put on the dining room hutch every t-giving! btw, i've been known to display cool vintage boxes along with other items b/c YES, they are often every bit as cool as the items they hold! ♥

  2. Great collection! I remember my grandma having quite a few of these decorative candles.

  3. I love that you have your grandmothers. Mine are all estate sale finds with no family history. (except the few my Mom's friend gave me)

    1. Thanks for commenting. Things do have more meaning when they are family pieces, but they're still fun no matter where they came from!