Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday's Muster #42

It's tin boxes today, People. None of these are old in my book, but some go back about 30 years so I guess that's far from new too. I have these grouped together on shelves on my back porch, over my craft counter. Most of them are used to store things like thread, framing supplies, Washi tape, embroidery floss-- you get the idea.

The Victor and Smith Brothers tins are two of my oldest ones.

The Jack Daniels box came with two decks of cards that are still inside.

This is the picnic basket box in the photo above. Isn't the inside fun?

The James Dean tin is perfect for holding crochet hooks.

Believe it or not, I don't have many Christmas tins. Only three. The third was seen in an August post.

The Singer tin is older, the other two less than 15 years old.

These are really useful, and I like their nostalgic look.

Have a nice Monday!


  1. I love that picnic basket tin...and the Christmas tins are sweet! Have a fun day my friend! Hugs!

  2. You need more Christmas tins, Diane!

    I have two of those red plaid recipe boxes, belonging to my mother and grandmother - both full of recipes!!!

  3. I had a ton of those that I did not move when I moved two years ago.I guess I thought I would have a use for them. Pretty.