Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Smashing Games

You may remember my "vintage toys" Smash pages I showed a little while ago. One reader commented on board games which lit a light bulb in my little mind. My family played board games quite a bit when I was a kid. These are some of my favorites of the era.

Ever hear of Which Witch? The board was probably more fun than the game. It was 3-D and included a plastic staircase and different rooms of a creepy house. I unloaded this somewhere along the line and am sort of sorry I did.  I think my daughter would like it, and it's not cheap to buy today if you can even find it. I think a lot of families had "Clue." I have The Simpsons' version today. "Careers" was one of my favorite games-- a long one like Monopoly.

The girl, horse, and apple were scanned from an old Memory card game I bought at a thrift store several years ago. We had the same version when I was a kid. Not sure if my dad still has it or not. "The Inventors" was another favorite of mine. You bought these weird, but real, inventions and tried to end up with the most valuable ones. It also had the coolest dice roller thing on the market (see the thing in the middle of the page on the right). "The Guiness Game Of World Records" was fun. There are different stunts to try and world record questions to answer. "Masterpiece" might have been my all-time favorite. You bought photos of actual well-known paintings, trying to get the ones with the highest value. The man and woman pictured were two of the characters/players you could choose to be. Once in a while my dad would pick Millicent Friendly, just to make us kids laugh. Incidentally, I always thought Millicent Friendly would be a great name for a Beagle.

With the exceptions of Which Witch and the original Clue game, I still have all these games in pretty good condition too. What was your favorite childhood board game? Do you ever play any today?

Thanks for reading. Now, pass "GO" and collect 200 hundred dollars!!


  1. This is fun! Love the pages. I just recently tossed three vintage game boards (Monopoly, Careers, and Clue) because I had no idea what to do with them. Seemed like they belonged on a game room wall, but I don't have a game room. We played a lot of board games when I was a kid. How fun to have these pages as reminders. :-)

  2. We played Clue , scrabble and Monopoly the most..Never heard of some of the ones in your post...Interesting..

  3. I always love looking at your smash pages! We played a lot of clue. But Sorry or Life was the hit around our house. My parents still have all of our games in their attic.

  4. Great pages, Diane! I had Monopoly but none of the others you showed!

    My fave was my Nancy Drew game which I still have.

    If you want to see my Game Smash pages, I'll send them to you!

  5. I've always love Monopoly and any kind of card game. Love your pages filled with cute graphics! Hugs!

  6. Great smash pages Diane! Clue, Monopoly and Scrabble were played alot in our home along with Snakes & Ladders when we were younger and Risk when we were older. Wish I had those old board games now.

  7. I loved Masterpiece! Not many other kids had it. We had all the usual games (Life, Monopoly, Clue, Sorry) but we also played Yahtzee a lot and I had a backgammon board and Parcheesi. Dad would play cribbage with us. My folks still have a few of our games.