Friday, November 7, 2014

Estate Finds Over Halloween

I went to one estate sale on Halloween and one the day after. Neither was especially exciting but it's still fun to hunt. I came home with two boxes of pink Christmas garland.

A raffia purse, old party invitations, two books,Tupperware tumblers, and a Ziggy plaque.

The English lit book is over 1,000 pages and heavy. The Eleanor Roosevelt book looks very interesting.

Did you know the cups are called "bell tumblers?" Once again, you learn something new everyday.

I admit, a Ziggy plaque seems out of place for me, but something about the colors appealed to me, and there aren't too many things you can put in an Etsy shop for Mother's Day. And how about that purse?  My word!

Have a colorful day!


  1. All great finds, but especially the books! (IMHO) :-) Have a great weekend, Diane.

  2. Interesting finds..Especially the books..The Eleanor Roosevelt book would be fun..

  3. What fun finds. That straw bag is very cute! Sweet hugs!

  4. ok, you HAD ME with the sparkly pink garland, which would look soooooo fab with my vintage ornaments. not that i'm jealous, lol. ok, maybe a liiiiiittle bit, cause you got that fab purse too! awesome finds, missus, you rock the thrifting! ♥

  5. I wish I still had my kids tupperware tumblers...
    I had 4 kids and 4 colors...and they knew which was theirs! I had the snap on lids too, of course.
    I find the pink Christmas tinsel very appealing and the boxes too.
    If you put those in the Etsy...they'll be gone quick I bet!

  6. I tried selling some vintage invitations - no buyers. Good luck!!!