Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just A Few Finds

My usual thrift haunts and one overpriced, nothing too thrilling estate sale brought an odd mix of finds this past week. Up first, a box of dominoes-- us crafters can't have too many, right? Also a wooden salad fork and spoon from Wisconsin Dells. They are marked Japan on the backs so must be pretty old.  Kind of an strange souvenir, don't you think?

I bought this for the box more than anything, but the stand is in there and complete. Plus the original price tag is on one side. Take a guess...

A kitschy set of Las Vegas coasters. Plastic, no less.

A bud vase from Pigeon Forge, TN. I knew what is was before checking the makers' mark on the bottom since I have one very similar to this that belonged to my mother-- see the following photo.

So the answer to the question of the day: the original cost of that tree stand was 84 cents!!  What ever happened to that world???

Thanks for viewing and have a nice day out there!


  1. Pickings have been very slow by me too. I had to go visit a thrift shop this week to get my fix.

  2. 84 cents..The good old days !!! Love the bud vase and you're right..Can't have too many Dominoes...

  3. Score on the dominos! And 84 cents for the tree stand?! Good grief, you can't buy gum for that price anymore! Are the Pigeon Forge vases valuable collectibles? I've heard the name Pigeon Forge before but can't place where I know it from. It's a very pretty shape.

  4. I would have definitely bought that tree stand box too - it`s great!

    I wonder what your plans are for the dominos.......

  5. That world is gone gone GONE! I bet the stand was made in the USA, too. As for the fork and spoon: My mother had an over-sized set (as in, 3 feet tall each!) hanging in the kitchen as decoration, back in the late 1960s-early 1970s. Didn't yours? :) Marie Barone had a set, too (Everybody Loves Raymond).