Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Smashing Toys

For some reason my sister and I were discussing Liddle Kiddles recently (I don't remember why-- don't ask). I mentioned Kozmic Kiddles. My sister had never heard of those so I looked them up online in hopes of finding a photo.  I did and that led to these Smash pages. I started thinking about some of the nifty toys of my childhood era that I never owned. I would love to go back in time and buy some of these (not to mention the monetary value today).

Kooky Spookys glowed in the dark-- how cool!  I had a Cheerful Tearful book but never the doll.

I didn't know about Kozmic Kiddles back then, but they are pretty cool.  If you ever find one in mint condition cheap, grab it; they go for a couple hundred dollars! Anyone remember Thingmaker or Creepy Crawlers? Fun Flowers is a "girlie" edition of that. You actually poured some sort of liquid into hot metal molds. My next door neighbors had a set back then. And why did I never get a Flatsy?? I can still see them on a far wall of my local dime store. These go for a pretty penny too if you can find them complete.

As I was working on the above pages, I decided I was being a whiney brat and should make a couple of pages about some of the many toys I did own.

These I still have, believe it or not. The Colorforms don't stick too well anymore, and the box is rather flat but still... I've shown the two dolls on my blog before. The bottom one is a Locket Kiddle, and I still have the locket too.

The only doll to survive on this page is the Kologne Kiddle at the bottom, but I no longer have her bottle. I have no idea what happened to it. And while we're on the subject, I have no idea what happened to my Crissy doll or Baby First Steps. The Baby Crissy doll turned partially green in my dad's basement (eww) and went in the trash unfortunately.

Do you have any of your childhood toys? Any toys of your era you regret never owning? Ever "bought back" one of your toys as an adult from a flea market or antique store? I bought a Flatsy doll somewhat cheaply on Ebay about 12 years ago. It's neat, but to be honest, when it wasn't yours to start with, the sentiment is just not there. What do you think?

Have a sweet day and Happy Veterans Day too!


  1. What a fun post! And I actually have only one toy from when I was a litle kid - a little 'Indian' doll that my grandma brought back as a souvenir from Lake Millacs (sp??) in Northern Minnesota. I finally gave away the old teddy bear I had because it was so wrecked and dirty. Now I'm kicking myself, of course. My dad had won it at the Minnesota State Fair. Yeah, I know. You can yell at me. I deserve it.

  2. Most of those don't sound to familiar to me. But then again, I wasn't too much of a girly doll person. I did have fashion plates and those were the best! They should still make them, kids today would still love them! As kids, we had a lot of board games and art supplies. But not too many "toys" I had some toys, but nothing fantastic. My cousin had all the crazy new toys. She had Dazzle Dolls, Polly Pockets, my little pony, Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake...when they all first came out. They would have been worth a pretty penny today!

    1. Hate to admit it, but I was too old for My Little Ponys, etc. I did have a set of fashion stencil plate things that were very fun. We had quite a lot of board games too-- I should "Smash" those someday.

  3. I have a couple of toys from my childhood...
    a Barbie Garden House...
    an Ideal Hippy Doll (with foam body) ...IF I CAN FIND HER! SHE WENT MISSING A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO AND I HOPE SHE'S SOMEWHERE IN THIS HOUSE and I find her as I'm packing.
    and I have some books from my childhood.
    (abridged collection of stories that came free with encyclopedia set)
    Black Beauty
    Gullivers Travels
    Robin Hood, etc.
    I also have one book of a set of Disney books-- I kept because it had Uncle Remus and the Story of Brer Rabbit and The Tar baby in it.
    I had a doll that crawled; I can't remember her name she had a cord coming out from under her dress and it attached to a little purse I carried. I wish I still had her. :/

  4. These are great, Diane!!! Such fun pages!! I can tell you are younger than me, hah - these don't seem familiar to me at all, I have heard of Liddle Kiddles though.

    I always wanted a dollhouse, I had a barn! Boo hoo! I even had the furniture that I used in the barn!!

  5. I really enjoyed this post! I do have some of my childhood toys, but wish I had still had a lot that I sold in yard sales when I was a kid.

    How do you print the pictures that you find online to use in your Smash book? Just regular paper and inkjet printer, or photo paper?


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    2. Take two-- I use regular printer paper. Hmm... My ipad was acting up on the first comment, and made me look like an incoherent dork! Sorry!

  6. I must have written a comment on this post 3 times yesterday...Never could get it to go thru..My childhood toys are long gone and mostly forgotten..I'm in to bigger and better things..IPads, computers ,TV's, etc.
    You know what they say about the price of their toys..

  7. Oh, I love these! These would be a good idea for me, too. It might jog my memory about toys I had as a child. I've bought dolls and even 365 Bedtime Stories that I had when I was little! It's FUN! Hugs!