Monday, August 3, 2015


As you know, I'm always making something. Here are some of the latest projects. 

I've been using scraps to make message/gift cards. These make up really fast which I like, and they have a lot of uses. For notes, gift tags, business cards; kind of fun.

I haven't done much in my Smash books lately, due to ICAD, but here are two pages. I'm probably among the few who remember this TV show. Do you?

I like this Bible verse but couldn't decide between these two versions so I did both. And, yes, I know this is worlds away from the above Smash page. They are in two different books.

I know Halloween is months away, but when you get an idea... I thought of making seasonal mail art envelopes. Why not?

I might try making some for Christmas too, but that's too far away even for me!

Thanks for checking in. Have a nice day!


  1. No..I don't remember that TV show..Cute cards..Love the envelopes...

  2. I love tags and little note cards. And the envelopes are very fun! Enjoy your week sweet friend. I'm still sewing! lol Hugs!

  3. I like the ones in the first picture the best!

  4. Loving those gift cards, what a great idea and I don't remember Groovy Goolies, another Saturday morning cartoon we were deprived of here in the great white North LOL! Love your Halloween mail art and you aren't too ahead of yourself, it will be here before we know it!