Friday, August 7, 2015

TH Tag Aug (And Then Some)

The Tim Holtz tag for August is up and running; a cool, vintage vibe this month. The gent on my ATC is my great-grandfather. That is his mail wagon and horse, Lydia, at the top. The inchie this month needs a little explanation... continue reading...

Since Tim's tag has a "journey" theme, I first thought of the photo below of another of my great-grandfathers. Not that he did much journeying that I know of, but this photo looks sort of "vacation-y, traveling-ish" to me. I started this ATC and cut out the above air mail insignia (from an actual envelope) since the Tim tag has a postal reference. As I was placing it, I thought, "You know, your other great-grandfather was a mailman. That makes more sense. Oh, who knows that? I do!" I just didn't feel right about it so I switched gears and made the above card. Then I finished this one. I added the stars because this chap was a police officer.

Then the that little voice said, "You could make two more ATCs with your two other great-grandfathers since you know their occupations and have photos of them too. Oh, shut up, I just finished; I don't want to make any more. Yes, but wouldn't it be sort of neat to have a 'set' so to speak. Yeah, I guess..." So the little voice won out and I made two more. Can you guess this grandpa's job? Yep, a farmer.

This is an older picture of this great-grandfather who was retired by then, but he was a blacksmith in Kansas for quite awhile.

So the inchie is referencing the fact that I couldn't decide on which picture to use and if I should make two more cards.  I think I made the right decisions after all.

Thanks for viewing!


  1. well YEAH that was sooooooooooooooo totally the right decision!!! oh how i looooooooooooooove these... & even more so since i heard the awesome story! <3 <3 <3

  2. They are all wonderful.I love those colors ,or lack of...and you know I am crazy about collages..Classy cards..Have a fun weekend

  3. PS..I always wondered where "Lydia" came from...

  4. did a fantastic job on your cards, all four of them. It's great that you have those wonderful old photographs to use. I really enjoyed reading your blog. TFS...xx

  5. Well, what do you know? My grand-dad was Post man, and my dad, and some uncles... my great grand-dad was a barber.
    I don't know much about the grand-dads on my mother's side...except down the line, we had a Merchant/Store owner... and he was murdered.
    I have photos of him in his General Store... around the same dates as some of these photos of your great grand-dads.
    I just love seeing all the old photos and hearing some of their stories.
    I also wanted to point out... one other thing, I TOO... have a hard time making up my mind!
    That little inchie would make a great little magnet for the fridge, or... push-pin for the bulletin board. I need reminding to make up my mind A LOT!
    What will you do with these ATCs since they are of Family? Do you scrap book these?
    I'm just curious

  6. These are all fantastic! Cool beans!

  7. Diane, those are all amazing, how wonderful to have these great pictures and to know so much about your familis history ! I love them all, fabulous job!

  8. I'm not sure and don't have photos but your post made me reflect on my own great-grandfathers: Three farmers and a plumber (I think). Your ATCs look great and you've got a real knack for collaging the elements in a very natural way. Works of a personal nature always turn out best, don't you think? Your ATCs are proof of that!

  9. LOVE that you used your Great Grandfather. Very cool ATC!!!