Friday, August 14, 2015

McCall's Fall 1977

Remember the house picture I showed a few days ago? Well, we used the pattern from my sister's 1977 McCall's magazine, and as long as I had it in my possession for awhile, why not look at some highlights?

Not too sure about those yellow boots. Raining out?

 I like this sweater. What color boots is she wearing?

How about that poster in the background? I like that!

Some tamer fashions.

Very nice artwork in the next two photos.

A doll for all seasons. I like the pillows and pictures below.

And what's new in latch hook designs. Ever wonder how many people mades crafts or clothes from these old magazines?

And one of the scariest looking dolls I've ever seen!

Hope there is nothing scary in your day!


  1. Not until now! She is scary. Love those old sweaters. They bring back a lot of memories. I don't think I can wear one though. Have a good evening Diane

  2. Wowsers, those were some brilliantly coloured fashions! And I'd say that doll was 'uncommonly terrifying'!