Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Weekend Finds

I hit a couple garage sales and one thrift store last Saturday; let's take a look...

Who among you remembers when margarine tubs had cute patterns on them so you could reuse them for storage or bowls? I do! As a matter-of-fact, I'm sure we had the gold and avocado ones on the right. As dumb as it sounds-- these sure took me back! Also a package of cute recipe cards.

A complete set of old Current note cards. Over the top cutesy-ness on these, but I like them.

A few more hankies, and one lipstick blotter-- cute fabric on that.

My daughter wanted this. I was sort of surprised since it is so old-fashioned, but it is very cute.

Thanks for looking, and remember: It's not nice to fool Mother Nature! (Old 70s margarine commercial quote!)


  1. I love the fabric and cute dolls. And I remember ordering Current was so much fun to make selections. Hugs!

  2. Ha - I remember that commercial too - the lady was wearing a long dress.

  3. Never ate margarine but I remember the tubs..You found some neat stuff at those garage sales..Interesting Doll book..Happy Sunday..

  4. Don't remember pretty floral tubs like those, very nice. Cute note cards and more great fabric finds. Love the paper doll book!