Thursday, August 13, 2015

Weekly Album Update

Let's turn back the calendar to June and look at the cards in my weekly album project. This first one is referencing my daughter's birthday. Have to commemorate that event!!

The is the first time I used a "guy" image. I thought that was appropriate since that week was Father's Day. 

Yes, we had the wettest June on record. Yuck!

I like the way this one turned out. The elephant is a rubber stamp that I colored in with markers.

More rain... what a new idea. Unseasonably cool too.

I really didn't feel like making a card that weekend, but I did anyway. Over seven months of these... gets a wee bit tedious and redundant.

Also, look how thick this book is already. I wasn't expecting that. I was busy making Halloween cards for my Etsy shop over the next weekend and forgot all about making one of these cards. I think I'm trying to tell myself something-- like seven months out of the year is plenty!

Enjoy your day!


  1. These are all such fun and I love your Halloween cards! Have a fun day! Hugs, Diane

  2. I love that these are in albums... I haven't yet find anything with my ICADs... Wasn't sure what would be the best way to store or keep them.
    This idea is great. Love all the pattern people!!! And weather theme.
    I liked seeing these lots of inspiration here!

  3. Love your girly images. The guy isn't bad either. I hope you are enjoying your day. Have a good evening.

  4. Your commitment to these projects never ceases to amaze me Diane and look at all the beautiful art you've created as a result! Loving the Father's day card with the hair comment!

  5. i *LOVE* this project and i love that you're committed to it, even on the days you don't really feel like making one. it'll be worth it at the end of the year... that book is gonna be SOOOOOO cool!!! :)