Thursday, August 6, 2015

ICAD Finale and Bonus

Today I'm showing my last three official ICAD cards plus a few others. First, another collage using part of an old postcard. The other bits had accumulated on my work surface, and I decided to use what was handy.

Yes, this one is sort of "off," for lack of a better adjective. I found this kooky witch image in an old magazine and wanted to use it right away. The rest is scrapbook paper and markers.

And here is the last card. The pocket on the right is holding a little book I made in which I wrote some notes about every card. Unnecessary but fun to do.

Here is the book.

Here is the bonus: I made a few extra cards just because I like to make them. So these are the "leftovers."

I appreciate everyone's comments on these cards over the last two months!

Have a good day!!


  1. Cute cards!
    I like how you say you used what was handy! You have such a knack for art! The extra cards aren't leftovers at all!... I think they're a BONUS! love the sunflowers!

  2. I have enjoyed your talents..Hope you are having a wonderful evening..

  3. i think the "leftover bits" on the pc background miiiiiiight be my all-time fave! except the leftover ones! and the book! and... ok, yeah, i have lots of all-time faves b/c you keep making such awesome ones! congrats on THE BIG FINISH!!! i think this was the best ICAD year ever! (until next year, that is!) <3

  4. Wonderful grand finale Diane and what a great idea to add the book! I love the kooky witch and your 'extras' are great, really like the alphabet card!