Friday, July 31, 2015

Almost The End Of ICAD 2015

With the closing of July comes the closing of ICAD for this year. Here are the next several cards. 

Another collage (no surprise, right?). This is scrapbook paper, old sheet music, and pieces of an old music magazine.

This one is sort of funny as I didn't think too much of it. Just sheet music and a rubber stamp that I colored in with markers. I almost didn't even post it. However, I received quite a few comments on Flickr about it; probably more than any other card. Guess that goes to show I don't know what's good!

More collaged papers and markers. I did a lot of that this year.


Ditto times 2

Okay, ditto times 3!!

My next ICAD post will be the last.  Hope you have been enjoying these.  Have a nice weekend!


  1. Love the last one and the feathers on the sheet music is very whimsical..I am a big collage fan..Good job..

  2. Absolutely I have enjoyed your cards, especially since I love good collage. This is my first year trying ICAD and it's been a great exercise for me.

  3. I always have loved seeing your artwork... the ICADS are my favorites. I certainly appreciate your inspiration!
    I like the collage and may give it a try!
    The one you mentioned above July 24...looks like peacock feather to me. It's pretty!
    I love the colors

  4. Have enjoyed each and every one of your ICAD posts Diane, love to see the creative ways you have made our daily works of art! Loving the last card you posted here, my love of vintage and brown is showing LOL!