Friday, July 10, 2015

1967 Electronics

The Sears catalog of '67 had all sorts of electronics and appliances. Let's take a look back... I was surprised to see you could still buy a wringer washer.

I never knew anyone that had fancy doors like these on their fridge.

Something odd about selling color TVs in a black and white ad, I'd say. And no wonder my folks didn't buy one until the late 70s-- look at those prices!  Pretty high for the 60s.

And you can't forget the console. I had a couple relatives who had these in the 70s.

And if you're thinking "What's a typewriter?" go ask your grandmother!

Even movie equipment.

Things have sure changed, haven't they? Thanks for reading!


  1. oooooooooooooh! it's so funny how much has changed and yet how little has changed! we're still obsessed with technology & the new versions of those products are still the subject of print ads... and cost too much, lol! :) (but YEAH i remember those console tv's!!! blast from the past!) :)

  2. Yes, when one considers how devalued the dollar has become since then, those prices are pretty high! Actually, I don't remember my parents getting a color TV until way later. Fun pages to share!

  3. Thankfully. Appreciate the trip down memory lane. Have a good weekend.

  4. I wonder if they still make wringers....

  5. I still remember seeing my first colour tv - my grandmother took to to someones house that had a big console one, I got to watch a parade - it was something!!!

  6. Great ads, times have indeed changed! I remember our neighbour had a wringer washer well into the 70's and my MIL had one right up until the '80's. Stuff was built to last in those days as compared to now.