Monday, July 13, 2015

Yes, More ICAD

Here are the ICAD cards I made after the Fourth. I didn't use any of the prompts this time around.

The right side and the stamp info below were leftovers from an old postcard-- I think the other part of it became an ATC. I added the trees, birds, and border. Can you read the fine print? One cent to mail a postcard to the U.S. or Canada or Mexico. My, how times change!

The second time I've used mushrooms for these ICAD cards. This one is part of an old Current postcard. The rest is a magazine clipping and watercolor, and a tad of gesso.

Horse collage anyone? I've had the two horse images in my stash for a couple years and finally used them here. An old postage stamp and German vocabulary card round it out, plus some rubber stamps and markers. Gee, a lot going on with this one.

Some of these flowers are old wrapping paper and some I drew with markers. I think I need to keep a ruler close at hand-- my lettering is a little (okay, a lot) crooked. I make most of these cards right before I go to bed, sitting in bed, so my supplies are somewhat limited (otherwise I'd have to get up!).

The left side of this one is a portion of an old greeting card and a snippet of sheet music. I added some watercolor and markers. The text is scrapbook paper.

Here is another use of images I've had for quite awhile-- the couch and chair are scrapbook paper I never used but hung onto them because they're pretty nifty. The text is from an old sewing book and the hot pink is tissue paper. I doodled the doodles in marker.

More ICADs in the book. Almost winding down now. Time sure goes by fast! Enjoy yours today!


  1. I love looking at your creations, Diane - such great ideas!!

  2. You are so creative! Love the first ICAD and 1 cent to mail a postcard?! Those were the days! And I like your crooked writing, adds to the handcrafted appeal :O)