Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bookish Estate Sale

I went to an estate sale on a hot Saturday only to come home to a broken air conditioner. Great. Anyway, the sale was nice and had a lot, but I came home with mostly books. 

Would you believe I had this same set of flash cards when I was a kid? Nothing like math memories, right?

The few non-book items were paper doilies for crafts and two boxes of new colored pencils at 25 cents each. I can deal with that.

Are you familiar with the old McCall's needlework magazines? My mother had a bunch of these from the 60s and 70s that, yes, we unloaded years ago. My sister and I have picked some up at sales and antique stores. These are the first ones I've come across in years. I'll show some of the inner highlights in future posts.

This was a thrift store purchase recently, but I'm throwing it in anyway. Cute vintage planter.

Did you see the two Snoopy books in the first photo? They are very cute. I'm surprised they were still at the sale as I went on the second day.

My daughter thought these looked neat, and she was right. They are old Oster holiday craft and cooking booklets.

The 60s era artwork is fab!

Thanks for looking! Have a good one!


  1. My grandmother had all of those needlework magazines and I think I still have one of the Oster booklets. I love the art work in all of the 'old' stuff. Enjoy your day! Hugs, Diane

  2. Books are always good - especially Snoopy ones!

  3. Ick! on the math memories...especially NEW math!
    My favorite? the little planter...too cute!
    I like the Snoopy books too!

  4. I remember McCalls patterns..Cute planter..Pencils and paper doilies are always good..ou found some good stuff..Hope you had a good day..

  5. I like your finds, Diane!!!

    I saw a big bunch of those Needlecraft magazines when I bought my last stash of magazines - my mother used to have those too!!

    Your daughter has a good eye - those books look so great!!!

  6. fantastic score! I sold some of those needle work mags in my shop last year. The sold the day I listed them!

    1. Good for you! Those magazines are very fun. I'm glad I found those.

  7. as always, totally impressed/jealous/psyched by your amazing finds! i wish you lived in NJ! :) (tho that'd kind of cut into both of our "takes" so possibly this is the better arrangement, lol!) :)

  8. Great haul, love the orange themed McCall's mag and the puppy planter is very cute. Sorry about your air conditioner, hope it's fixed now and you are cool as a cucumber!