Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Garage Sale Finds

My daughter and I stopped at two garage sales Friday, and believe it or not, they were pretty good. That seems to be a rare statement these days. And any Etsy shoppers better not get too excited since most of our haul was hoarded by my daughter.

The fish is a single salt shaker made in Japan. The terrier will be added to my dog collection. Vintage children's books seem harder and harder to come by at sales; maybe because they're getting older and older? 

Old plastic cups, a pretty Czech swan planter and a kitschy Georgia souvenir bank.

Cute little poem on the front of the bank.

Creepy Santa alert! It's even creepier when you see it slowly walk! I'm guessing this was a candy container. It was made in Taiwan.

So refreshing to find a good garage sale. Thanks for viewing!


  1. Oh, I love your books! I'm going to see if you've put the rodeo book in your shop. Great finds sweet friend. Have a fun day! Hugs, Diane

  2. Your daughter has an eye for vintage too? Or just likes to read a good book maybe?
    The creepy santa alert...was warranted... wow! I'd almost be afraid for whom ever ate the candy from that toy. The 'plastic' cups.
    Melamine? Is it Texas Ware?
    My grandparents lived just a stones throw from that plant, my dad grew up there. We ate off lots of Texas Ware Dishes!
    I was thinking about searching the local thrift shops for some MELAMINE dishes for the camper.
    Wouldn't those be great?
    Are your cups going into the shop? ...I'm popping over to check!

  3. I do not have any luck with garage sales here in Florida. But when I went up north ( Detroit, where I am from) I had fantastic luck! Best garage sales ever! Its too bad they suck in florida, because we have year round garage sales.

    1. It's pretty rare to find a good garage sale in my area these last few years. There used to be a lot during the spring and summer but no more.

  4. Good for you!!! It makes you feel so great when you find something half decent. Your daughter brought home some great books!!

  5. I'm drying for a good garage sale. Hope this weekend I'll find some good ones.

  6. Love the fish, the terrier and the swan,,Good finds..

  7. Oh my gosh, that's one creepy Santa!! Great haul Diane, glad you finally found some great garage sales.