Thursday, July 30, 2015

Doll Clothes

On Tuesday, I showed a doll dress my mother knitted and thought later why not post all of my old doll clothes? So here they are.

Just for the record, all of these are pretty darn old now (funny how I haven't aged any). This scarf and sweater set was knitted by my mom for my Baby First Steps doll. I remember using it quite often, I'm surprise it survived.

This was also made by my mother, in fact, all of these were until further notice. A cute coat made from some leftover fabric, no doubt.

The flannel nightgown on the right is also leftover fabric; I had p.j.'s made from the same material.

Corduroy shorts and a skirt. That skirt fabric was left over from a dress my mom made for me with rust color trim.

Child size and one doll size apron. The fabric on the right was cafe curtains in our house. That little doll apron looks like feedsack material, doesn't it?

How mod! The dress on the left is the same fabric as a longish vest my mom made for me. I know it had "LOVE" printed on it, but can't recall any other words. The romper on the right was the ultra hip lining to a gold (think 60s "gold" like a sunflower) suit my mother made for herself. I remember that suit and thought it was really cool at the time.

A dress that fit my Crissy doll.

Okay, here is your notice: these two dresses below were store bought. Not sure what dolls they fit. The green one is a bit of a mystery to me as the color and style do not look 60s or 70s. So is it older? Did it come from an older cousin? Was it a contemporary doll dressed to look "retro"? You tell me.

It's amazing these are still with us.  After all, kids have played with them, tossed them aside; they were stored in a basement for a long time. I should be so resilient, right?

Have a super duper day!


  1. Oh my! You've given me some ideas for future projects! I would love to make a little coat...maybe out of fleece. And I've thought about the aprons for my dolls. I'll have to write down some ideas. How sweet they all are! The fabric really makes each one unique and special! Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. oh such loveliness. I have a friend who has 6 children, grandchildren 10 or more. Her Mom knitted
    and she is still knitting to-day 2015. She just showed me ten minutes ago pictures of what she knitted for her Grandchildren. Now she is knitting doll clothes she showed me her knitting now. For great Grandchildren's dolls..

    You have the gift of machine sewing as well. Great talent you and Mom.

  3. So wonderful that you still have these clothes for your dolls. Do you still have the dolls?
    I had one doll... I kept her for years... held onto her. I went to 'retrieve her after my dad brought my great grandmother's china hutch to me for my birthday about 4 years ago... So I could display her finally after all these years. GONE!'
    I have no idea where my doll is or what has happened to her.
    Seeing your doll clothes...makes me miss her!
    But still they are so cute... I am happy to see them.
    Sorry, I don't know what those others are from.

  4. You're a doll had quite the wardrobe. It's so nice that you still have them. You and your mom are both very creative. Stay cool!

  5. My mom sewed and knitted Barbie clothes for me back in the '60s. I personally think that's insane. Maybe she found it fun and relaxing. lol

  6. Beautiful - your mom had a real talent there.

  7. Fabulous doll clothes Diane and it is amazing that they survived all those little hands tearing them off and on the dolls! The green dress definitely has a '50's vibe, it's very pretty. And you are only as old as you feel so you are obviously a spring chicken!!