Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekly Album Update

Five more weeks in the weekly album for this year. Let's take a look...

Yes, I was very glad to say good-bye to February's cold this year, although the beginning of March was not much better.

The time change came around awfully early.

If you read my note, you'll see I did exaggerate on this one, but comparatively speaking, it did seem very balmy.

I finally caved and started an art journal. It's pretty fun-- I should have started it long ago!

The end of March was way below normal in the temp department. Back to winter coats and gloves. Pooh!
Have a pleasant day!


  1. Good morning sweet friend. I love these...especially the Spring forward page. You're making me want to get out my new Smash Journal and work. I ordered some new glue and just got it yesterday. It's supposed to be great for paper. Sweet hugs, Diane

  2. You'd better change that first one to April and keep your fingers crossed..I think we'll go right in to Summer..Love your Journals

  3. Wonderful pages Diane, hope you can pack away those winter coats and gloves now!!