Tuesday, March 24, 2015


"Smarch" is an alternate name for March, describing crummy, wintry weather that annually occurs when we think it should be sunny and 55 degrees; it comes from the TV show The Simpsons so you can't argue its credibility.  We definitely are seeing Smarch conditions here. Remember a little over a week ago I posted about the nice weather and 60 degree temps? Well, how about this... Yes, we had snow Monday. About 3 1/2".  Boo!

Here are my resurrection lilies.

There are daffodil buds under there.

Remember the birdhouse shot? Well. the roof looks different now.

Don't be too concerned; they're calling for 50s for tomorrow.



  1. We got 6" by us and a full nights work last night. I can't complain. :-)

  2. Did I mention it's in the upper 70s here today, and that we might get some rain but no snow???? I'm not sure if I did or not..

  3. Happy Spring!! We won't get out of the 30's today..

  4. Don't you love Smarch?! If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will do a complete 180. We had big goose down snowflakes here this morning too, only amounted to a half in or so but it's all melted already and the sun is shining. Happy Smarch Diane!

  5. Well... geesh!
    You get snow in Smarch... and we get RAIN! we've had the wettest Smarch I can remember in a long time.
    Credibility... and the Simpsons! bwahahahaha...
    I hardly ever watched it...but there were days where I tolerated an episode on occasion and sat and watched it.
    So ...Smarch isn't lost on me, I totally get it and will probably use it... but I would never have guessed the Simpsons.
    ...hope you thaw soon.

  6. Boo Hiss! I've had tulips covered in snow in past years, and they managed to survive and bloom. But that doesn't mean we have to like March snow! :-)