Saturday, March 7, 2015

Spring Ahead

We "spring ahead" early tomorrow morning. Seems too early around here with winter still holding on tightly. I thought I would show the signs of spring in my back yard (you might want to read that with a very sarcastic tone).

Hey, it's my driveway!  It's been icy like this for at least a month.

More icy driveway fun.

Let's look for plant life...  Well, does last year's sedum count?  No.

How about resurrection lilies that no doubt will have yellow tips on their leaves from the cold?

Or maybe grass?  Yes, this is grass.

Well, one of these days, I'll posting posting flowers and complaining about the heat. Until then-- set your clocks ahead tonight and bundle up!


  1. Looks all to familiar Diane..Happy weekend..

  2. I know just how you feel!! No sign of any grass here yet, but milder temps this week, it would be nice to see a patch or two!

  3. LOL, hang in there Diane, it will be here soon! We had temps in the high 50's here today, whoopee!