Monday, March 23, 2015

Thriftless In Chicago

In case you've noticed a lack of thrifting posts lately, you're not imagining things. I've hardly found anything worthwhile this year. Below is the big haul from two thrift shops last week. The little chipmunk is for my daughter, the bookmark I'll be using for a dollhouse rug, so the only resale item is the apple dish (wish is marked 1962 in case you're interested).

I found this nifty, old flour sifter a couple weeks ago.

Things have been so lame that I have been listing items from my own house. Not that I'm that crazy about reselling, but since the finds have been next to nothing, I decided it was a good time to unload a few things.

I'm parting with some other things as well-- or not since the online selling has hit a slump lately too. Any of you resellers experiencing the same??

Have a nice day, everyone!


  1. No sales for me this weekend as we were out of town.

    My shop has hit an all time slump - only one sale in 3 weeks. I'm attributing it to tax season because people are waiting to see if they owe money.

  2. Cute items..I guess everything goes through a slump..Hopefully things will bounce back...

  3. Thriftless in Chicago, you are too funny! Sorry thrifting has been slow, hopefully with the warmer weather the yard sale scene will pick up. On the Etsy forums, everyone is complaining about lack of sales and traffic to their shops so it's not just you Diane, seems that the category changes Etsy made have totally mucked up search, etc.