Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Playing With Bubble Wrap

Since my post title gives away what I used on these bookmarks and note cards, I won't play a guessing game. 

Yes, it's bubble wrap, painted with craft paint and used like a rubber stamp.  Pretty cool and easy, although a tad messy.

Here are the finished bookmarks. I like the way they turned out. I will say, however, the "bubbly" background does compete a bit. I found using small images just didn't look right.

Below are the two cards. I ended up covering most of the bubble stamping. Maybe I should keep that in mind next time and not add so much paper, but they look pretty nice if I do say so myself.

So yet another way to play with bubble wrap besides popping it!  Have a nice day!


  1. I really like the one with the butterfly. Have a nice day!

  2. So is there anything you can't make something nice out of??? I think not

  3. The cards are just gorgeous and I love your 'bubbles'. I'm off to look in your Etsy shop and see what's new! Sweet hugs, Diane

  4. Very clever..Beautiful cards...Great idea

  5. Great background technique Diane, love it! I'd be hard pressed not to pop the bubble wrap as I used it though LOL!

  6. well, we COULD POP IT FIRST... and see what kind of impression you get then! LOL!
    I like doing little things like this-- to use up paper, sometimes for a personalized birthday card or something.
    I will shuffle all the papers together after my grand daughter colors and make something with it... like a card for her Momma or Daddy on their birthday.
    it add interesting detail to a card!