Sunday, June 1, 2014

Secondhand Land Part 1

Friday I ventured out to a couple estate sales and one nearby garage sale. I netted some interesting items. Below I'm showing the dusty "before" condition. Now, I don't expect estate sale companies to polish silver, but rinsing off decades of dust is not asking too much. Of course, some bonehead bought them anyway, right?  And the outdoor table they are sitting on was a two dollar purchase from the garage sale. Needs some paint, but I need a table so I was happy.

Everything cleaned up rather nicely.  Here's another question for you readers: any guess on the age of the toast rack? It is stamped "Harrods" on the bottom with silver marks that mean nothing to me.

Yet another Polaroid camera. Interesting model.

A 1970s reprint of a 1927 Sears catalog-- pretty fun. 1970s Current recipe cards and a 1974 magazine.

Not one but two Las Vegas souvenir boxes, probably cedar.

And speaking of two-- how about a pair of kitschy plaster owls?

I had no intention of buying this owl; it's big and heavy-- 3 pounds! When I bought the pair above at the garage sale, the woman running it said he was part of the set and was wrapping it up before I could say anything. Price was right so I kept my big mouth shut. Anyone interested in a 3 pound plaster owl plaque??

I found a few more items the following day at a half price estate sale. I'll post those ASAP.

Have a nice day!

Update: I did a little internet research on the toast rack marks. It was made by James Dixon and Sons, retailed by Harrods, and is "superior" silver plate.  Still no date, however.


  1. The toast rack is awesome. I would not have known that's what that was. Now the huge owl, if it was me, I would paint over it and distress it. I need a garage sale fix. Haven't been in several weeks.

  2. The toast rack could be worth something if it's sterling..Plate..not so much..good find

  3. Nice finds, I had some luck on the weekend, so I'll be blogging tomorrow!

  4. Toast rack... interesting. I'd say it could be used for a letter sorter! The plaster owls... kitschy indeed. Whooo Knewww?
    Looks like you got lots of neat stuff..
    I wonder if my kids will dust my stuff before they sell it all? Hmmm...

  5. I'm guessing the toast rack dates somewhere between the late '20s to very early '40s...

  6. We had an owl like that weighty one when I was growing up. Believe me, it deteriorated pretty quickly when my brother took it outside. Love that metal table! I'm always looking for those to use as plants stands on the patio.